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Classic Yeezy releases and their prices

The first Yeezy we will be talking today happens to be the first Yeezy. Period. That’s right, it’s the Air Yeezys Zen Grey. This shoe hit’s me right in the feels, making me feel all kinds of nostalgia for a simpler time (2009). What you may not know is that the Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey was possibly the first sneaker created by Nike that wasn’t made for the sole purpose of being a shoe for athletes. It you were to inspect these Yeezys closely you will notice there’s extremely intricate detailing that just isn’t visible from a distance, for me this is like a little secret kept purely for those who know. As they say, if you know you know. Upon close inspection you will notice rigid Y’s that cover both the strap and the toebox, also there are Air Jordan Three-esque midsoles as well as green glow in the dark soles. I should mention that there were only 3000 pairs of these created. That has resulted in these shoes selling for thousands of dollars on sites such as stock x. The original retail price was $215 so if you managed to grab a pair then that’s one hell of a flip. Hot tip – If you’re buying a pair, check to see if they’re real yeezys or fake yeezys, a good way to tell is the fake yeezys will typically be on sale for a few hundred dollars as opposed to a few thousand.

The next shoe we’re talking about is the Nike Air Yeezy Black. These shoes were highly anticipated at the time. This anticipation was caused by Kanye wearing the shoes whilst on tour. This was an attempt to create some hype and boy was it successful. These shoes were fresh. The retail price was $215 at the time, stock x has them listed for roughly $4,300 while fight club as then for about $3,000 so somewhere between those two prices is the current worth of these yeezys. The average price range on Goat is $1,500 but that could be due to listings of fake yeezys which drive down the price. Those were two of the original Yeezy releases and their prices, it’s a good reminder to always trust your gut if you feel that a shoe is underhyped then it might be worth purchasing with hopes of people waking up to them at a later date.